A 75-year-old woman in Georgia, USA, remitted as much as US$95,000 (approximately NT$2.88 million) to her online dating partner before she learned that she had fallen into a "love scam".

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A 75-year-old woman in Georgia, USA, met a man on Facebook and became fascinated by him. After only a month of meeting, she sold her real estate and sent money to her online boyfriend. Unexpectedly, she finally learned that I fell into the "love deception" of the other party.

Foreign media reported that the woman was defrauded of at least US$95,000 (about NT$2.88 million), and the police also pointed out that this type of love scam is increasing year by year, and the total amount of victims in 2022 alone will be as high as US$1.3 billion (about NT$2.88 million). NT$39.44 billion).

According to "Business Insider" reports, the 75-year-old woman met a man who claimed to live in Nebraska through Facebook in March this year. The woman fell in love with him soon after the man's sweet talk. fall in love.

The woman revealed that when their relationship became more and more "stable", the man began to ask her to pay in cash, and she also used courier several times to send the cash to an address in Nebraska provided by the man.

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Not only that, because the woman was not well off, she also sold her house in exchange for cash so that she could continue to send money to the other party.

According to the police investigation, the woman sent at least $95,000 in cash to the fraudster without ever seeing the fraudster. It was not until the end that she discovered that she had fallen into a love scam and was defrauded of a large amount of property.

The U.S. police said that there have been more and more love scams of this type in recent years. Unscrupulous elements will target single and lonely women and use the name of relationship to defraud money.

According to another report, the police also arrested a woman this year. She met an 87-year-old man through a dating website and defrauded him of up to US$2.8 million (approximately NT$86.14 million) of ill-gotten wealth to make him Live a life of luxury by yourself.

Experts also pointed out that scammers will take advantage of people's loneliness and spend time building relationships. After the other party opens their hearts, they will ask for money. The entire process may take up to 6 months.

In the United States alone, the total amount of damages involved in similar fraud cases in 2022 will be as high as 1.3 billion US dollars.