Emotional "Sai Mu", the father is really shocked, not teasing, joking, playing with the shot that "Big Tu" Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, led the team to carry the parade of Thai-built camps. nation

Stroll around the market in the old city of Songkhla.

Make a noise. Campaign with the seller.

But accidentally picking up "frustration" to show before thinking about it, throwing it away almost in time, shouting loudly, "He can't touch it"

The startling symptom "pained heart" at all.

As you know, the villagers regard it as an "omen" and the meaning of "frustration" means "starvation".

But that was not too late.

Social people flocked to each other, especially the "Damn Kong" line, bringing together bluffs. Accidentally catching "frustration" is a signal that "Big Tu" is desperate for the third prime minister's chair.

implied starvation, desperate in the game to promote power

Joking along with the numbers, many polls reflect the popularity of the old military leader, hit by "Young Tim" Pita Limcharoenrat.

Leader of the Kao Klai Party with "Aung Ing" Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra, the head of the Pheu Thai family, "leaving away" without seeing the dust

It is said that following the trend of "can't catch the parade", it's getting more difficult to win every moment.

Even in the situation in the southern election field, there is a saying that the brand "Big Tu" is hot, the chances are very high that it will overtake the locals like the Democrat camp.

Sweep across many provinces

Not even Trang

Catch a way from "Grandmaster Chuan Leekpai", the great god of the Democratic Party, still frightening

Honestly admitted on the stage of the speech in Phuket that

The Democratic Party must meet to organize a new battle plan.

Mr. Chuan may have to settle down in the southern region.

because there was money involved, some parties 500, some parties 1,000 baht

Leela, a veteran, leaves in advance. If the Democratic Party misses the position, it loses the bullet.

According to the picture of the game, "Big Tu" should be stocking up on costs in the fortnight under many chairs.

Thailand's gathering trend to create a nation to cut off the face of Democrats

Sato residents trust in an old military leader who is honest and not corrupt.

But that's wrong with the overall situation in the northeastern region, the northern region, and the central region, especially in Bangkok.

Leaders don't cheat

but favoring the capitalist

It became more pronounced after 8 years.

And coincidentally, the bad luck stroke.

The anti-government mood "Big Tu" carried the capitalist, it became more intense according to the conditions of the election campaign amid hot weather, mercury flooded the people, Thai people were very frustrated.

And the degrees are boiling when they see the electricity bill that is twice as expensive.

Joining forces with rival political parties

Revealing the reason for the high cost of electricity comes from the "Big Tu" government, securing benefits for the energy capital group.

not except the middle academic

Former people used to support old military leaders.

still impatient

Come out to join in and help humiliate the old military leaders who mismanage energy.

Eua Zig Zag Capital Group uses natural gas to generate electricity.

price teeth, huge profit margins

Who will approve private companies to bid for power backup projects beyond what is necessary?

Causing Thai people to bear the burden of FT fees that are exaggerated

Helping capital groups pay for political camps to support power pipelines.

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle made the villagers see the picture easily. The parade team "Big Tu" couldn't clear it anyway.

A clear phenomenon in the debate stage through famous TV channels, M.L. Chayothit Kridakorn, leader of the economic team

The Thai Sang Rung Ruang Camp was attacked by Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit.

Leader of the Faculty of Progress, Dr. Phrommin Lertsuridej

Chairman of the Pheu Thai Party's economic policy team, Mr. Korn Chatikavanij, leader of the Chart Pattana Kla Party, welcomed

Can't go, can't answer, can't find a way out

Hot to the "real one" behind the scenes, like Mr. Supattanapong Phanmeechaow, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, the majestic economic hand "Big Tu" can't stand it, must hurry to call directly to the host

Ask for emergency clearing rights in the middle of the list.

"can't escape" must jump to support the wing "boxing instead"

but by flurry of images

It even reinforces the "inferiority complex", the parade carrying team "Big Tu" can't fight the truth.

And by the image of the old military government holding the capitalists, it also spread to the haze situation in the North.

The current focus is on the culprit of the problem: private companies that encourage villagers to burn forests and grow corn.

Linked to the picture of the team "Sai Mu" between "old military leaders" and "big magnates"

To the point that a statement from a private company had to be issued.

Confirmed that he was not involved in or encouraged villagers to burn forests to grow corn.

is the source of any toxic smog

The picture of holding the capital group is ingrained into the “inner meat” stains that “Big Tu” salads do not fall off anyway.

political news team