The Ukrainian army is not ready for a counteroffensive due to problems with the supply of ammunition, but the special operation will take place.

The Times writes about this with reference to the British military, who communicate with representatives of the Armed Forces.

The publication writes that Western partners do not have time to supply Ukrainian forces with ammunition due to their speed of use.

The Ukrainian army spends more 155 mm shells per month

than the United States produces in a year.

Russia also wastes more ammunition than it can produce.

Despite this, the Ukrainian military is optimistic and motivated to liberate the occupied territories during the upcoming counteroffensive.

Journalists note that Ukraine understands that there is no other choice but to launch a major spring or summer offensive. 

The second problem that the Pentagon is aware of

is the superiority of the Russians in the air


Ukraine does not have enough air defense equipment, and therefore the Russian aviation can feel more confident.

Because of this, the USA does not believe the estimates that the Armed Forces will be able to recapture all the occupied territories.

American intelligence suggests that Ukraine will be able to

regain only a small part of the occupied territories.

It will be recalled that the head of intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, named Ukraine's primary task during the upcoming counteroffensive.

According to him, it is about the liberation of all temporarily occupied territories.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that preparations for the counteroffensive are being completed.

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that

the country's army received a lot of modern equipment from its partners, which is now being mastered by the military. 

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