Such a simple tool as table vinegar can increase the yield of cucumbers several times.

And experienced summer residents have long been using it to feed bushes in the spring.

Thanks to vinegar, the plant absorbs phosphorus, calcium and potassium better.

And this tool also helps to protect against root diseases.

How to prepare dressing of cucumbers with vinegar

It is quite simple to prepare a solution for feeding.

You only need to take 1 cup of 9% vinegar and 10 liters of water.

Mix thoroughly.

Cucumbers are recommended to be watered under the root, and the soil should be slightly moistened with plain water before that.

It is recommended to prepare such a solution for tomatoes.

However, in this case, chopped egg shells are additionally mixed with vinegar.

Then the top dressing is left for 24 hours to infuse.

After this period, the solution is filtered, diluted in 10 liters of water and watered with tomato bushes.

Experts advise to repeat the procedure after two weeks.

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