Affected by bird flu in Japan, there is an egg shortage. Some operators sell eggs by "drawing lots".


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Affected by bird flu in Japan, after culling a large number of chickens, the supply of eggs is insufficient, leading to an egg shortage. Consumers can buy eggs.

According to the "Nikkei Chinese Net" report, of the 47 prefectures in Japan, bird flu has occurred in 26 counties as of the 28th, and more than 16 million laying hens have been culled. The price has increased by 60% within one year, and the price has come to 350 yen (approximately NT$78.9); Nikkei POS information of Japanese national retailer data shows that the average price of eggs in March is about 235 yen (approximately NT$53. Yuan), an increase of 40% over the same period last year.

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Palsystem said, "There has never been a similar mechanism in the past." Due to the long-term shortage of eggs in supermarkets, a large number of members want to buy eggs. Since March, a "drawing system" has been adopted to sell eggs.

In addition, many chain restaurants in Japan have also stopped serving egg meals. The Japanese version of "BBC" reported that Kewpie, a well-known Japanese mayonnaise (mayonnaise) brand, announced this month that its products would increase by 21%; Stop supplying eggs; convenience store 7-11 announced as early as February that it would stop selling 15 kinds of egg-containing meals, and also changed sandwich and salad recipes to deal with the lack of eggs.

Insufficient eggs in Hokkaido, falling ち with くまで 1~2 years はかかるとの thing.

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