In Portugal, in the city of Setubal, a man shot and killed 4 people, after which he committed suicide.

Publico writes about it.

It is noted that the shooting happened around 8 o'clock in the morning in one of the districts of Setúbal, and the suspect committed suicide when police officers arrived at the scene.

Portuguese media reported that the tragedy occurred due to long-standing disagreements related to the breeding of pigeons and the distribution of land in a field located next to a residential cluster known as Bairru Azul.

"In the area, the three victims and the suspect - all pigeon fanciers - had been gardening there for a long time without a permit in addition to raising birds in pigeon houses they had built there. The victims, like the suspect, were over 50 years old and lived in area. When the police arrived in the area, they found "three dead bodies and one person who committed suicide after the arrival" of the authorities!, the report said.

A security perimeter was established at the scene, and the case was handed over to the judicial police, who will conduct an investigation.

It will be recalled that

the London police are looking for a woman

who is accused of sexually assaulting a man at a subway station in the British capital.

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