The Pingtung County Government has promoted the expansion of the service scope of the yellow buses so that more people can enjoy convenient services.

(Provided by Ping County Government)

[Reporter Luo Xinzhen/Pingtung Report] The Pingtung County Government promotes the small yellow bus. At present, there are 19 routes in the county. The service will exceed 40,000 in 2022, an increase of 87% compared to 2021. The county government continues to follow the traffic volume and local public opinion. Rolling adjustments to routes and station positions. Starting from the 1st of next month (May), 9 stations will be added on the 709 Xiangshe Line and the 7.10 Wan'an Line. The 7.10 Wan'an Line will be renamed as the 710 Jiangong Line. The scope of service extends to Xinyuan Township. It is hoped that after the route is adjusted, more elderly and young people in the community can enjoy the convenient service of Xiaohuang Bus.

Xiaohuang bus in Chaozhou District, Pingtung has 4 routes: 707 Xinkailiao Line, 7.08 Wanjin Line, 709 Xiangshe Line, and 7.10 Wan'an Line. They go deep into the villages of Wandan Township, Wanluan Township, and Xinpi Township to provide residents Basic public transportation services for going out.

In response to local public sentiments, the Pingtung County Government added Jingzaitou Pu’an Palace, Wandanwan Nei Community, Xinyuan Wadun Community, Houlong Palace, Xiawadun Fude Temple (reservation required), and Fukuoka Temple on Xiangshe Line 709. Longgong; 7.10 Wan'an Line added Xinpi Jiangong Community, Xinpi Junior High School, and Chaohaowan Xingfu Village (reservation required), and changed its name to Jiangong Line, and increased the service area of ​​Xiaohuang Bus to Xinyuan Township.

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The small yellow bus has been run by the county government in Pingtung City on a trial basis since 2018. Due to the narrow roads in the village, the existing passenger transport cannot go deep, so taxis are used instead of bus services, and it will be expanded to Chaozhou Town, Donggang Town and Hengchun in 2021 In town, the Xiaohuang bus, like the bus, has fixed routes and schedules, and some stops require reservations. The route between stops in the village can be stopped at any time. The route stop can be found on the website of the Transportation and Tourism Office of Pingtung County Government.

There are 10 regular departures per day on the Chaozhou District route from Monday to Friday, and 6 regular departures on Saturdays. The price of a single ride is only 10 yuan, and it is free for holders of the Respect for the Elderly Card, Bo'ai Card or Bo'ai Accompanying Card. Because the capacity of each trip is limited, if you want to reserve a seat , you can make an appointment with Jiecheng Transportation Co., Ltd. during working hours from Monday to Friday (9:00 to 12:00, 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm). You can download the "Pingtung Go Fun" APP or the "Pingtung Bus" APP for dynamic information on buses in the county.