Xie Longjie (right) said that he has a positive attitude towards the KMT's generational change, and he also has high expectations for Liao Weixiang (left).

(Photo by reporter Lin Minzhen)

[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung Report] Tainan City Councilor Xie Longjie went to Longjing District, Taichung City today to accompany the son of Taichung City Councilor Huang Xinhui who plans to run for the Legislator of the 4th Constituent District and Liao Weixiang, the deputy spokesperson of the Kuomintang, to participate in the round trip of Dajia Ma. Luang.

Xie Longjie said that he has a positive attitude towards the KMT's generational change, and also has high expectations for Liao Weixiang. He believes that he will use his strengths to respond to the expectations of the people.

Xie Longjie said that he knew Liao Weixiang when he accompanied Huang Xinhui in the election, and thought that he was full of enthusiasm and energy of young people. It is said that heroes come out of youth, and I hope the public can give young people a chance to try it out.

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Xie Longjie said that yesterday he first went to Changhua to participate in the Dajia Mama detour and walked for a short distance. Along the way, he saw believers following Dajia Mama under the scorching sun, kneeling on the hot asphalt road and drilling under the sedan chair. Here, he admires the great religious power, especially now that prices are rising and fraud is rampant. It can be said that the people are struggling to survive. Dajia Mama has the power to stabilize people's hearts. "Accompanying Mazu is walking for myself and for Taiwan's democracy."

Liao Weixiang said that Xie Longjie is a high-quality senior in his mind, no matter what battle he takes part in, he is not afraid, and will stand up whenever there is a need.

This time, he volunteered to accompany Dajia's mother for hundreds of miles, hoping to go to the grassroots and walk with the people. During the process, he also wanted to ask Xie Longjie, who is good at Taiwanese, how to use Taiwanese to integrate into current affairs.