Vice-President of the French Senate Li Cha led a delegation to pay respects by laying flowers at the 228 Memorial Park in Tainan City.

(Provided by Tainan City Government)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] Alain Richard, vice president of the French Senate and chairman of the Taiwan Friendship Group, led a cross-party delegation, and Pierre Goulange, the political group leader of the French Association in Taiwan, visited Tainan today (27th) Mayor Huang Weizhe, who also went to Tainan 228 Memorial Park, was the first foreign heavyweight to lay flowers in Tainan 228 Memorial Park to express his respect for the victims.

Richard is the vice-president of the French Senate and the chairman of the Taiwan Friendship Group in the National Congress. He once served as the French Minister of Defense and is a heavyweight in French politics.

In 2021, he initiated and led the French Senate to pass the "Resolution Supporting Taiwan's Participation in the Work of International Organizations" with a high vote, and was awarded my country's "Special Grand Cordon Medal of Honor".

As a staunch friend of Taiwan and who attaches great importance to human rights issues, this is his fourth visit to Taiwan and his first visit to Tainan. He specially led a delegation to lay flowers at the 228 Memorial Park to express his respect for the victims and attach importance to Taiwan's democratic development .

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Li Cha said that this visit to Taiwan is mainly to convey France's support for Taiwan. The number of members of the Senate Taiwan Friendship Group is gradually increasing. The members of the group will actively promote the people of the two countries to deepen their understanding of each other. As a tourist attraction, I am happy to see more exchanges between France and Tainan in the future.

Li Cha also mentioned that visiting the beautiful Tainan has witnessed Tainan as the birthplace of Taiwanese culture, and the visiting group was also amazed at the Tainan orchids spray-painted with original techniques.

Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe said that the visit to Taiwan by the French Senate is of great significance to the relationship between Taiwan and France. Tainan specially presented the French flag orchids sprayed with nanotechnology to the delegation. The blooming orchids symbolize the profound friendship between the two countries.

Huang Weizhe emphasized that when semiconductors become a strategic industry for various countries, the importance of Taiwan is self-evident, and the Southern Science Park is a key player in leading global chip supply.

Huang Weizhe said that in addition to being the "cultural capital" of Taiwan, Tainan is also the capital of food and technology. He looks forward to in-depth interactions with France, which has a profound cultural background, in culture, art, and education in the future, so that the people of Taiwan and France will have the opportunity to understand each other better. s country.

Huang Weizhe also specially prepared pineapple and cantaloupe, which are abundant in Tainan, for VIPs to enjoy. He hoped that the French people will also be able to taste high-quality agricultural products from Tainan in the future.

In the morning, the French delegation first visited Qijing Optoelectronics, Chihkan Tower, Datianhou Temple and other scenic spots; in the afternoon, they went to the city hall to pay a visit to Mayor Huang Weizhe, and were accompanied by Su Enen, director of the Department of Information and International Relations, to the memorial park to lay flowers.

Vice-President of the French Senate Richard (left) visited for the first time, and Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe (right) presented an orchid spray-dyed with the French flag.

(Provided by Tainan City Government)

Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe (right) communicated with the guests.

(Provided by Tainan City Government)