Teacher Preecha insists that lawyer Tam claims to be the DSI who recorded a clip of the 30 million lottery case, preparing to request a lawyer etiquette test.

and petition the Judiciary Committee of the Court of Justice

Let's re-examine the 30 million lottery case.

tell this event

make good people bad

bad people are good people

On April 26, 2023, reporters reported that Page Oisri and Pueng

Bring a video clip of the conversation between Mr. Sitra Biabangkerd or Attorney Tam, secretary of the People's Advocacy Team Foundation, and Mr. Pricha Kraikruan or Teacher Preecha, the owner of the phrase "truth is truth", the parties in the 30 million lottery case between Teacher Preecha and Lt. Lt. Jaroon Wimoon, or Lieutenant Jaroon, who used to be in famous news many years ago.

Let's post it on the page.

along with stating

“Have you never recorded a clip of blackmailing anyone?

But when you received help from Uncle Jaroon

Before you accept a lottery case for him

You secretly disguised yourself to talk to Teacher Preecha.

trick him into opening the information available to see

and then you record

Record a clip and see the information that Teacher Preecha has revealed. You do this to be used as evidence in the fight against Teacher Preecha.

to steal the secret of the opponent

And you still show it on the media proudly.

whether Teacher Preecha was wrong or right

But what you are doing is trespassing on the information of the parties to the client, Khun Sithrak, like this, what you can't blackmail, right?

Just looking for evidence to make a case for the client, find any kind, any way to get evidence.

you are a lawyer

You make a story like this and call Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit the great thief, and what would you give yourself a nickname?

who uses dirty methods with Teacher Preecha to think like that

The way I ask this question

Doesn't mean that today I believe Teacher Preecha

But I'm asking if what you do is right and a really good person, and where are you above the word #great thief? make this case

I pay for it with your help.

Keep your wounds open for the wrongdoing of others.

In order not to let Thai people easily fall victim to you anymore..”

from the above case

It was found that last night, Mr. Preecha Kraikruan or Teacher Preecha wrote information posted on his personal Facebook, stating that “30 million lottery cases .. for almost 6 years ... there are many discoveries. Secondly..quickly

This truth will appear.

@The truth is the truth ..(always) lol

Most recently, at 12:30 noon, the reporter traveled to meet Mr. Preecha Kraikruan, who is currently a candidate.

List of MPs

Thai People's Party No. 9 at Kru Preecha Food Park, Village No. 3, Pak Phraek Subdistrict, Mueang District, Kanchanaburi Province, to inquire about the purpose that Teacher Preecha posted on Facebook.

Teacher Preecha revealed that the clip that Lawyer Sitra

to post, publish

It is secretly recording images without their knowledge.

The incident occurred on December 3, 2017, around 11 a.m. at Thep Mongkolrangsi School.

that at that time he was teaching

Talked for more than an hour, with Lawyer Sitra coming with a team of about 2-3 teenagers who showed themselves that they were from the DSI and stated that they were coordinators between him and Uncle Jaroon. to mediate the incident

At the same time, he asked to see his phone.

To view the record of talking about ordering lottery tickets via Line app, if in Line there is actually ordering a lottery number, Uncle Jaroon will bring the money back to him.

But at that time it was not popular news.

And at that time he didn't think anything.

because he is a rural teacher

I only thought that someone would come and coordinate it.

The story would have ended without a lawsuit, confirming that on that day, Lawyer Tam did not say that he was a lawyer.

or secretary-general of the People's Advocacy Team Foundation in any way

“From such an event

make good people bad

Bad people are good people, so they will collect information to expose Lawyer Sitra in the 30 million lottery case because the key evidence of that case is missing, namely the plastic envelope containing the aforementioned 1st prize lottery set that is intermediate.

and CCTV footage on the day of the incident

installed in the Red City market area

who recorded the incident on October 31, 2017, and brought illegally obtained evidence into the judicial process, causing the 30 million lottery case that I was the plaintiff to be dismissed, which I will appeal to the Judiciary Committee of the Court of Justice

to re-examine the 30 million lottery case

and will appeal to the Lawyers Council

Attorney's etiquette

In the case of the actions of Lawyer Sitra next ".