The first public hearing on the comprehensive planning of the Keelung MRT was held today in Qidu, Keelung.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)

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[Reporter Lu Xianxiu/New Taipei Report] The Railway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications held a public hearing on the comprehensive planning of the Keelung MRT in Keelung today (26th), explaining the Keelung MRT route and station planning. Li Gang, Secretary to the Director of the Railway Bureau, said that it fully respects the opinions of the local government , originally planned to set up a station in front of Xizhi Costco, but the New Taipei City Government was worried that the traffic darkness caused by the construction would be unbearable, so it was changed to the Nanyang Bridge station behind the Fuji Hotel.

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The Bureau of Railways held a public hearing on the comprehensive planning of the Jijie Project at the Zhengmingli Citizen Activity Center in Keelung today. The public attended quite enthusiastically. They raised many questions regarding the second phase of the route, future maintenance, increase in freight rates caused by profit and loss of traffic volume, and development around the station. doubt.

Keelung City Councilor Lu Meiling hoped that the extension of the Bannan Line to Keelung would be the most ideal solution.

Li Gang said that the planning and construction of the MRT respects the opinions of the local government. For Taipei City, the extension of the Bannan Line was not his plan at the beginning, and the extension plan required the construction of a new machine factory. Because of the increased number of vehicles, the Nangang Machine Factory may If it is not enough, is there any way for Keelung to find a land for the machine factory?

Li Gang said that in principle, one MRT has one machine factory. The Keelung MRT is connected to the Xidong Line, and the Xidong Line has the Shehou Machine Factory, so there is no need to look for land in Keelung.

The construction of an engine factory requires 10 to 20 hectares of land, which is almost impossible to find in Keelung.

In addition, Keelungduan Qidu Station was originally located in front of Taipei Qidu Railway Station on Guangming Road, but due to the demolition involved and the need to enter densely populated areas, the city government chose the intersection of Mingde 1st Road and Chongxiao Street.

After entering Xizhi territory, Jijie originally had to walk along the railway and go to Cathay Hospital. Later, the New Taipei City Government thought it needed to connect to the North Fifth Block, so they changed to Baochangkeng, and the Railway Bureau also respected it.

In addition, the original plan was to set up a station in front of Costco, with a lot of traffic, but the New Taipei City government considered traffic problems, and the dark period of construction traffic on Datong Road was unbearable. Later, it was changed to set up Nanyang Bridge Station behind the Fuji Hotel. Respect the opinions of local governments.

The public enthusiastically attended the Keelung MRT comprehensive planning briefing.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)