Summer storms hit many areas in Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The wind yanked the electric poles along Mittraphap Road, falling into dominoes.

Sticky traffic from the middle of the night until the morning in the province of Loei, the villagers are in serious trouble.

More than 80 houses were damaged by wind, rain and hail. In Nakhon Sawan Province, an electric pole toppled coffee shops and famous tourist attractions in Tak Fa District. The owner and his subordinates narrowly escaped death. In Kanchanaburi Province, the storm collapsed the Mon Bridge community. perish as in Chainat province. The ordination tent in the temple was blown away by the wind and fell into the middle of the rice field and the roof of the crematorium.

Many provinces are still affected by summer storms, blowing heavily. At 00:10 on April 26, there was heavy rain and gusty winds in the area of ​​Klang Dong Subdistrict, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province causing large trees and lamp post

High strength along Mittraphap Road, 49th-50th km., opposite Pak Chaeng Temple, Klang Dong Sub-district, toppled 10 trees, power lines were broken, resulting in only one lane out of 3 lanes, traffic jams until morning.

Collected cars for many kilometers. Mr. Thawatchai Phichaiphat, manager of the Provincial Electricity Authority, Klang Dong Branch, coordinated with the Provincial Electricity Authority, Pak Chong District and nearby to mobilize cranes and equipment to lift the fallen power poles.

While the highway patrol set up a rubber cone to open a special lane to run in the opposite direction from km. 47, then turn into the normal lane at km. 50 in front of Chokchai Farm.

In Loei Province, a summer storm blew from the early evening on April 25 in the areas of Muang Loei District, Pak Chom District, Chiang Khan District, Na Duang District, Wang Saphung District and Chiang Khan District. Some areas had hail.

Electric poles along the Loei-Chiang Khan road.

Loei-Na Duang Road

and the city line Loei - Pak Chom

Broken down, obstructing traffic, 80 houses were damaged, most of them hit by the wind.

The roof was blown away with the wind. As for Chaiyaphum Province, the storm threw trees and power poles in many areas, especially Ban Khok Mai Ngam, Na Nong Thum Subdistrict, Kaeng Khro District, with large trees and power poles falling.

Power went out for more than 5 hours. Likewise, in the province of Chanthaburi, the storm blew.

Fallen tree blocking Sukhumvit Road

Area in front of Lhong Kraisorn

Durian buying point, inbound side, Chanthaburi Province, officials of the Chanthaburi Highway District cut trees.

Let the car run for more than 1 hour.

Nakhon Sawan Province, the storm hit Pu Noi Kok Sub-district, Tak Fa District, the villagers were affected in 4 villages, namely Moo 2, Moo 4, Moo 6 and Moo 7, more than 100 houses were damaged, many temples and government offices. ” Famous coffee shops and tourist attractions.

The shop was damaged by a falling electric pole.

The store owner and staff rushed outside. However, apart from the falling lamppost, there were debris.

Tree branches were carried by the wind and crashed into the glass of the shop. Phetchabun, storms collapsed in many sub-districts of Bueng Sam Phan District, the heaviest in 3 sub-districts, namely Nong Jang Subdistrict, Phaya Wang Subdistrict and Bueng Sam Phan Subdistrict, 30 houses were damaged, and electric poles fell. 15 trees after the incident, the Bueng Sam Phan District Chief coordinated with the local government to survey the damage.

to provide urgent assistance to victims

In Kanchanaburi Province, on the same day, Mr. Wijarn Kulchanarat, Mayor of Wang Ka Subdistrict Municipality, Sangkhlaburi District, together with soldiers from Lat Ya Special Task Force, Surasi Police Department, 134 Border Patrol Police and the administration went to the area to inspect the damage from the storm. On the evening of April 25, the past

The wounded were a 15-year-old male teenager while sheltering from the rain in a summer pavilion in front of Sangkhla Buri Kindergarten School.

Mr. Crijn revealed that

Initially, about 50 houses and buildings were damaged, divided into 30 houses on the Wang Ka Municipality side and 20 on the Mon community side, Ban Wang Ka Moo 2, Nong Lu Subdistrict.

Dong Sak community area

and Saphan Mon community

Uttamanusorn wooden bridge

Or the Mon Bridge is still strong and strong

As for Chainat Province, the storm hit Ban Don Rang Nok, Village No. 3, Sua Hok Subdistrict, Mueang Chainat District.

Hundreds of homes were damaged.

The wind blew the walls of the houses and the roofs flew all over the place.

More than 80 electric poles fell down. Mrs. Suchada Tonprasert, 70 years old, affected villagers, said that the storm hit hard since 9 p.m. last night, with rain and gusts of wind.

After a while there was a sound like something fell on the house.

hurries out to find an electric pole toppled over a shed in front of the house

The roof was exposed to the wind.

Many sheets of blowing were damaged, in Ongkharak District, Nakhon Nayok Province, the storm blew the ordination ceremony tent inside Wat Khlong 24 (Wat Samakkhi Tham), Sisa Krabue Subdistrict.

falling down

in the middle of the rice field behind the temple

Some of the tents floated up and got stuck.

on the roof of the crematorium

Electric poles along the canal road

16-Wat Ampha Siriwong knocked down the road to 35 trees, a distance of more than 10 km.