More than 10 employees of Evergreen Airline High Attendance Department protested against the illegal transfer of the head office in the past three years, and asked the Gao City Hall to rescue the workers.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] More than 10 employees of Evergreen Airline High Attendance Department protested against the illegal transfer of the head office in the past three years. Kaohsiung employees have to go north for half a year every year to support them. Today, they held a press conference in front of the Kaohsiung City Hall. The City Labor Bureau After receiving the petition, the whole case will enter into negotiation on May 2.

Employees of EVA Air Service High Attendance Department showed up in front of Gao City Hall early this morning, shouting, "EVA Air Service quickly fills in people, Gao Qin's support is about to set, stop illegal transfers, Gao City Hall rescues workers!"

Zhou Shengkai, consultant of EVA Air's corporate labor union, pointed out that since the outbreak of the epidemic three years ago, EVA Air Service has repeatedly mobilized employees of the High Service Department to support other places in the name of education, training, support, and business trips. Station duty, when the situation was the worst, employees of the high duty department were forced to leave Kaohsiung to work for one month every two months.

Zhou said that according to Article 10-1 of the Labor Standards Act, "the interests of workers and their family life should be considered in the transfer." The employees of the high duty department are all Kaohsiung people, and they frequently support Taoyuan and other out-station duties. Who will take care of the elders and children at home? ?

And this situation has been going on for 3 years, and there is no end in sight.

An employee surnamed Shen in the high-handling department said that the company said that there are too many people in Kaohsiung to handle the flight volume, but now that the borders are open, there are more and more international flights from Kaohsiung; and they go north to Taoyuan to support and do the same job, but the technical allowance is different .

An employee surnamed Hong in the high-service department said that he has 4 children and is often away from home, which will cause harm to the family; Shen Yijun, a representative of the Taoyuan City Flight Attendant Professional Union, also went south to express support today. She emphasized that the company does not respect the notification of employees. Flight attendants will face the same situation in the future.

Xu Wenqiong, section chief of the Kaohsiung Labor Bureau, came forward to accept the petition. She said that she had accepted the application for labor dispute mediation of 26 employees of Evergreen Aviation. Considering the family life interests of employees, many family care issues have arisen. The Labor Bureau has scheduled a mediation meeting on May 2, and will fully assist the two parties in negotiations to protect labor rights.

The Labor Bureau pointed out that for laborers, there should be a proper balance between work and life time. When an employer transfers laborers to other places to support work, in addition to not violating the provisions of the labor contract, consideration should be given to allowing the laborers to take care of their work. It has the interests of life with the family, and fully communicates and negotiates with the labor side.

In response, EVA Aviation responded that during the epidemic, the business volume at Kaohsiung Airport dropped sharply from more than 1,100 operations per month to more than 300. The company not only did not cut salaries or streamline manpower, but also increased employee salaries and various However, it is necessary to take turns to travel across the district to Taoyuan Airport for support and education and training, so as to spend the extraordinary period together.

EVA Air Service pointed out that although the business volume of Kaohsiung Airport has rebounded to more than 500 sorties per month, it is still far from the normal value of 1,100 sorties. This phased measure of cross-regional support is still necessary. Improve, gradually reduce the number and cycle of cross-district support, and plan to end the northward support project before the end of this year.

As for Kaohsiung colleagues who take turns to go north to Taoyuan for cross-district support, it is a business trip, which is the company's management responsibility. Unlike cross-district transfers, the company has held 4 symposiums last year, and the company also provides transportation subsidies, accommodation, and Regarding meal allowances, EVA Air’s employees claimed that this operation was an illegal transfer, which was inconsistent with the facts.