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A lithium procession carried the relics of St.

George in the "St. Sophia" temple in the capital, reported a reporter. 

The fragment of the shrine is kept in a church in the town of Nigrita, which is located near the town of Seres in northern Greece. 

We welcome the relics of St.

George on Wednesday

"The importance of the relics of St. George is great for Bulgaria. We receive the blessing of St. George, who is the patron of many families, of many towns and villages in Bulgaria. The joy he brings us with his coming is great and we see, that as we love him, so he loves us," declared Belograd bishop Polycarp.   

Until April 28, the relics will be exhibited for worship in the "St. Sophia" temple, then in the village of Gorni Lozen, the Tsernogorsky monastery and Breznik, and on May 6 - St. George's Day, they will be in Pernik, in the temple named after the saint. 

Saint George


lithium procession