The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office (SGP) proposed to the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Bulgaria to submit a reasoned request to the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria (NA) for granting permission to continue the criminal prosecution against Dimitar Avramov from the DPS

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) is a centrist political party in Bulgaria, serving as a deputy in the 49th National Assembly.

This was announced by the press center of the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office. 

The proposal was prepared by a prosecutor from the "Specialized" department at the SGP in connection with an indictment submitted by the Specialized Prosecutor's Office on 15.04.2019 against D.A. for a crime under Art.

304b, para.

1 in connection with Art.

26, para.

1 in connection with Art.

20, para.

2 of the Criminal Code (trade with influence).

Court proceedings were initiated in the Specialized Criminal Court, and after the court closed, the examination of the criminal proceedings continued in the Sofia City Court.

The Central Electoral Commission has announced with Decision No. 1901-NS of April 8, 2023 the names of the elected representatives in the 49th National Assembly, with the defendant Dimitar Avramov being declared an elected representative.

On 12.04.2023, the defendant Dimitar Avramov was sworn in as a representative of the people.

By Decision dated 20.04.2023, the SGS-SNS CLOSED has stopped the criminal proceedings on the basis of Art.

25, para.

1, item 3 of the Criminal Procedure Code, as the person against whom the criminal proceedings are being conducted has immunity.

The continuation of the criminal proceedings against a representative of the people is possible only after the permission of the National Assembly in accordance with the provision of Art.

70 of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Geshev submitted a request to remove Radostin Vassilev's immunity

He is on trial in the Specialized Criminal Court for influence peddling.

Avramov and two of his assistants appear before Themida for the fact that in 2012 they asked the farmer Svetoslav Ilcovski for BGN 220,000 and the right to use agricultural lands in order to solve his problems with the regional agricultural service in Montana.


parliamentary immunity

Dimitar Avramov