11 years, a case that shocked Thai society.


poisoned 5 consecutive victims,

with criminals hiring a taxi driver.

When befriending the victim

Poison will be poured into the drink.

After the victim died

perform a robbery

create a panic for people in Thai society

The horrifying case was revealed on April 16, 2012, when the police conspired to capture a brutal murderer.

In the case of poisoning for robbery

There were 5 dead, 1 missing and 3 survivors.

This incident started with a taxi driver.

Many people disappeared without a trace.

Until the police found a clue that

Criminal behavior often hires a driver to travel to various places in the south when the police trace it.

Chasing surveillance cameras

So he can catch up with this murderer.

At an unnamed room in the apartment, Om Yai Subdistrict, Sampran District, Nakhon Pathom Province

The culprit confessed that

Action behavior

By poisoning people 9 times already by relying on the rhythm of stopping at a gas station

Secretly brought the poison that was carried with him.

Put it in the coffee for the driver to drink.

When the victim drank poisoned coffee


Then dragged the unconscious body into the forest.

or in a secluded place

leave a painful death

If anyone is lucky, they can survive.

The reason why I choose to use


is because I used to be a farmer.

proficient in the use of poisons

How to do it

Because I think it's convenient, fast, easy to rob someone who died.

Because most of them drink large amounts of coffee and drink it all.

Interestingly, the two victims who survived

told the police that

After siphoning coffee, he lost consciousness.

was thrown away

But fortunately, he did not die, and the other 1 survived. Fortunately, the villain chose to use sleeping pills.

The missing victims

The culprit said that

I don't remember where the body was dumped.

because it was late at night

After the unconscious body was thrown away, he immediately drove off.

The property obtained from poisoning, such as a pickup truck, was sold to a gang of car thieves for 50,000 baht.

On the day of arrest, the police found evidence.

It was almost 20,000 baht in cash, a phone, and a bottle of insecticide.

Shortly after the villain was detained by the police

He committed suicide in his prison cell.

Closing the scene of the drug poisoning case, shocking in Thai society

At present, it is still a lesson for everyone.