In the village of Mama, Irkutsk region

of the Russian Federation

, local residents complain about the lack of hot water and coal, and the batteries are barely warm.

To keep warm, people disassemble old houses into logs.   

The Telegram channel "People of Baikal" writes about this.

"Just "pride" takes over, houses are dismantled in a flash, by the end of the heating season the whole village will be cleared of non-residential premises. These scams with coal would be impossible without "crushing" in the region. This is not the first year like this. There is no strength, there is destruction around, there is no coal , there are no doctors, there are no roads, there is no electricity periodically, there are no enterprises. We live on subsidies, they would have evicted us and not tortured us," said Anatoliy, a resident of the village. 

The district administration said that the heating company initially delivered less coal than was needed for the heating season. 

The company decided to save money by using wood chips.

Due to fuel problems, the district has been on high alert since April 4.

While the Russians are somehow trying to warm themselves, the governor of the Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev boasted that the coal companies of the region spent 20 million rubles on intelligence equipment for the occupiers.

Ihor Kobzev, governor of the Irkutsk region.

Photo/Telegram: Astra

We will remind you that in Russia,

a large burial ground of "Wagner" mercenaries was discovered - at least 200 graves (video).

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