"Chuvit" drags a bag into the Royal Thai Police Headquarters

Cried to examine the clip of the tourist police helping to drag luggage for "Lawyer Tam" in the airport, believing it caused damage to the image of the police organization, while "the commander in chief of police" ordered the NBTC to set up an examination committee. fact

On April 25, 2023, Mr. Chuwit Kamolvisit dragged his luggage into the Royal Thai Police and said that I was old and was there an officer to help carry the luggage?

before giving an interview to the press

Today, he submitted a letter to check the video clip with 2 tourist police officers providing facilitating hauling and lifting services for Mr. Sithra Biakankerd or Lawyer Tam while inside Suvarnabhumi Airport.

to prepare to travel abroad

with airline staff standing in line to welcome

which the behavior of police officers should cause damage to the image of the police organization

Therefore requesting an order to appoint a fact-finding committee as follows:

1. The two police officers who appear in the video clip

2. If both police officers are on duty or not

has facilitated other general public

as well as facilitating Mr. Sitra or not

3. If both police officers are not on duty

The facilitation of the two police officers to Mr. Sitra

4. Every time Mr. Sitra travels back to Thailand.

The immigration police officers have checked the baggage that there is

Importing goods that require a tax declaration, such as watches, bags, clothes, etc., because it was found that Mr. Sitra has brand-name clothes from abroad

There are Patek Philippe watches, priced at 6 million baht, brand name bags and many others,

which want to be checked this time to make it clear.

Police services must not be offered exclusively to VVIPs in order not to create disparity with the public.

Lt. Gen. Archayaon Kraithong, spokesman for the police office

As a representative to receive complaints, it was revealed that Pol. Gen. Damrongsak


national police chief

urgent order

Tourist Police Bureau

Examine the facts in detail.

Where and how does such action take place?

Being a police officer under

TAT or not

Is it an operation according to your authority or not?

Including whether such facilitating services are appropriate or not.

And there is an order to take care of the facilities as a special case.

Or using privileged people until it affects the image of the organization or not

If it is found to be an offense, take action according to your authority.

by reporting the results as soon as possible

In addition, order to review public facilities of officials.

Clearly define the scope of work

It is not discriminatory or beyond appropriate.

in order to have the same standard of operation

There is no disparity.