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An emergency doctor in Sliven was caught with 1.22 per mille during a drug test this morning.

He was traveling to work in his personal car from Stara Zagora when he was stopped by the police for a routine check.

"I don't feel like I've been drinking. I went out last night, I slept and that's it. I won't have slept for 8 hours," said the medic.

He was taken to the hospital for a blood sample, BNT reported.

A drunk and drugged driver drives in the opposite direction on the "Hemus" highway

"If the driver's sample remains above 1.2 per mille, after the blood samples, the case will go to court and there the criminal measure will be determined," said Chief Inspector Iliyan Nikolov, head of the Sliven Traffic Police.

In the last week alone, the police in Sliven found 1,130 violations of the Road Traffic Act.

12 car drivers who consumed alcohol were found.