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On 22.04.2023, at the request of the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office (SGP), the Sofia City Court (SGS) took a measure of remand "detention in custody" against N.L., accused of three crimes, reports the press center of the prosecutor's office.

The pre-trial proceedings were initiated on 22.11.2022 pursuant to Art.

212, para.

1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for the fact that on the same date at around 06:55 in the city of Sofia, "Tsarigradsko Shose" Blvd., a driver of a motor vehicle violated the rules of the road and intentionally caused bodily harm to police officers at OSPS-SDVR.

In the course of the investigation, N.L. was brought in as a defendant for causing the death of one person and medium bodily injuries to four persons due to carelessness while driving a motor vehicle, and the act was committed after the use of narcotic substances and he was driving the vehicle means without having the necessary legal capacity (Art. 343, para. 4, para. 3, b. "b", para. 2, para. 4 and para. 6, para. 1, para. "b" and b. "c", cf. art. 342, item 3 of the Criminal Code);

for having unlawfully prevented the authorities - police officers, from fulfilling their duties, by not obeying the signals given to stop the car he was driving for inspection (crime under Article 270, paragraph 1, item 1 of NK) and for that,

4 years and 10 months in prison for Omar, who confessed to being a sewer

NL was brought in and interrogated as an accused, but no coercive measures were taken, as he was being treated.

After its completion, an effective punishment of "imprisonment" in the amount of 5 months, served in the Prison-city, was implemented.


After serving the sentence, the accused was detained for a period of up to 72 hours by a decree of the prosecutor at the SGP dated 20.04.2023.

Some of the crimes NL is accused of committing are serious within the meaning of Art.

93, item 7 of the Criminal Code.

The court agreed with the prosecutor's arguments that there was sufficient evidence that led to a conclusion of reasonable suspicion regarding the authorship of the crime for which the accused was charged.

The court accepted that there was also a real danger of committing another crime, which is why it determined that the most severe measure of remand was appropriate.  

The decision of the court is not final and can be appealed to the Sofia Court of Appeal.

The investigation continues.

a police officer killed

a sewer

remains in custody