Kaohsiung's Mingcheng business district had a power outage without warning for nearly 9 hours, and Taipower personnel rushed to repair it all night.

(Provided by Taipower)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] The power outage in the Mingcheng business district of Gaoshi City without warning for nearly nine hours caused many restaurants to be unable to operate normally. apologize.

The fire protection officer collects the loss status of the business

On the evening of the 23rd, a total of 523 households in the area of ​​Boai 2nd Road, Xiuming Street, and Zhisheng Road in Zuoying District lost power. Taipower sent personnel to check and repair and then restored power to 425 households. Taipower personnel rushed to repair all night, and finally became famous. Waiting for 98 households without power, the power was not restored until the early morning of the 24th, and the power was out for nearly nine hours.

There are many restaurants in the Mingcheng business district. The power outage happened to be the meal time on Sunday night. The restaurants were unable to open at all. The restaurant owners complained that customers had no lights or air-conditioning in the middle of their meals. National compensation.

Taipower’s Kaohsiung District Sales Office stated that the cause of the power outage was a fault in the underground cable. Due to the fault in the underground cable and the burial of some manholes, the inspection and repair time was lengthened, and they will apologize to the store owners one by one.

Taipower: We will apologize to the stores one by one

Chen Qimai said that power outages in urban areas are usually caused by old lines and accidental strikes by birds and animals. These are the top two main causes of power outages. Taipower should step up efforts to improve power distribution. He has asked the consumer protection officer to collect the losses of relevant businesses and will negotiate with Taipower. Call on Taipower to invest more resources to make power distribution more stable.