There was no significant rainfall in the upper reaches, and the water storage rate of Zengwen Reservoir fell to 6.4%.

(Photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)

[Reporter Wu Junfeng/Tainan Report] The water situation in Tainan is severe. The Zengwen Reservoir, the largest in the country, has not brought significant rainfall due to the approach of the front. In order to provide a stable supply of public water, water has been continuously released to the Wushantou Reservoir for storage. The drainage operation came to an end tonight, which caused the original single-digit water storage rate to continue to drop, and as of 11:00 p.m., it had dropped to 6.4%.

According to the plan of the Southern District Water Resources Bureau of the Water Resources Department, the water release and diversion work of the Zengwen Reservoir will end tonight, and the current water level is still over 190 meters.

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According to statistics from the South Water Bureau, since the 19th of this month, there has been moisture in the upper reaches of the Zengwen Reservoir, but the rainfall has not been large. As of 11 o'clock tonight, the accumulated water in the five days has only been about 41 millimeters, and the water inflow is about 1.28 million cubic meters. The benefits to the water regime are limited.

According to the observation data of the South Water Bureau, the water level of the Zengwen Reservoir has temporarily stabilized at 190.21 meters at this stage, and the water storage rate has dropped to 6.4%. However, the total effective water storage capacity of the Wushantou Reservoir is still more than 89 million cubic meters.

As for the Nanhua Reservoir, which mainly supplies water for people's livelihood, the rainfall has not been significant in the past few days. The current water level is 163.17 meters high, with an effective water storage capacity of about 22.8 million cubic meters, and a water storage rate of 25.49%. Maximize the benefits of precious water resources.