There was no significant rainfall in the upper reaches of Zengwen Reservoir, and the water storage rate continued to drop.

(Photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)

[Reporter Wu Junfeng/Tainan Report] The front is far away. Compared with the abundant water vapor in the central and northern parts, the rainfall in the upper reaches of Zengwen Reservoir is pitifully small. The cumulative amount of rainfall in the past five days is only about 40 millimeters. The inflow even supplies Tainan for one and a half days. There is not enough water, which is not of great help to the severe water situation.

According to observations by the Water Resources Bureau of the Southern District of the Water Resources Department, this wave of rainfall has ingested about 1.28 million cubic meters of water into the Zengwen Reservoir. If the daily water output under Tainan's current control is used, it will not be able to supply water for one and a half days.

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Due to the lack of significant rainfall in the water catchment area and the supply demand of public water, Zengwen Reservoir's original single-digit water storage rate has continued to drop, and has fallen below 7%, still struggling at the "low level".

As of 6:00 this evening, the water level of Zengwen Reservoir was 190.32 meters above sea level, and the water storage rate dropped to 6.47%. However, the total effective storage capacity of the Wushantou Reservoir is still nearly 90 million cubic meters.

As for the Nanhua Reservoir, which mainly supplies water for people's livelihood, the water level is 163.19 meters high, the effective storage capacity is 22.87 million cubic meters, and the water storage rate is 25.56%. The Nanhua Water Bureau calls on the public to save more water.