Lai Kuncheng (2nd from right) won the primary election, and Lin Cantian (1st from left) praised "with him in the Congress, he will definitely turn the fate of Taitung people around", and stood by him to the end.

(Photo by reporter Chen Xianyi)

[Reporter Chen Xianyi/Taitung Report] In the primary election of DPP legislators, Taitung mayor and former legislator Lai Kuncheng defeated the current legislator Liu Chaohao with 45.64% and 37.23%, blocking Liu's road to four consecutive hegemony. Lai Kuncheng felt deeply And posted, "I haven't heard my own firecrackers in 14 years!" The best campaigner and Taitung County Councilor Lin Cantian went to congratulate the first time the primary election results were released, emphasizing that Lai has always been consistent along the way. His joining will definitely change the fate of Taitung people.

Lai Kuncheng said that he is not a newcomer. He is relatively familiar with the business of the Legislative Yuan and various agencies. He also put forward specific political opinions when he is running for the legislature. Issues of rights and interests are sorted and dealt with step by step, and a professional and enthusiastic service team will be formed immediately to serve Taitung.

He said that when he decided to participate in the party's primary election, the initial polls fell behind by a large margin, rushed to the golden cross line, and gained a certain advantage. In spite of all the difficulties, he walked all over the streets and alleys with him, begged hoarsely with a microphone, and he was grateful for his smooth qualifying.

Lin Cantian said that although Lai has not been in the public office for many years, he does not need to say much about his original intention of doing things for Taitung people silently. The best proof is that he has successfully won the support of the villagers.

He and Lai Kuncheng have formed a relationship outside the party and will give them full support. In addition to being clean and local, Lai is also a political figure with an international outlook.

Lin Cantian said that in the past, when the DPP was growing and thriving, Lai insisted on following the Taiwan line. This is what he has expected from politicians for many years; they can compete with each other at critical moments, but hope that everyone can let go after the fierce battle.

Liu's defeat in the primary election can be imagined, but I hope that the outside world will not give too much criticism. No matter where they come from, they should work hard together for Taiwan and the entire Houshan. Although the road of politics is bumpy, Lai still has the original intention Perseverance, I believe that with him in Taitung in the future, he will surely be overturned in Congress.