A resident of the city of Ramensky near Moscow found a used grenade launcher in a garbage dump.

Russian propagandists reported this on Sunday, April 23. 

The message says that a local pensioner found only the body of a foreign-made weapon.

There was no more charge in it. 

The Mash Telegram channel clarifies that probably a Swedish AT-4 grenade launcher was found among the garbage bags. 

The pensioner called the police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs officers seized the weapon. 

Now the Russian security forces are investigating how the used grenade launcher ended up in a garbage dump in the Moscow region and why the weapon turned out to be fired.

We will remind, on Saturday, April 22, in the Russian city of Belgorod, where an aerial bomb accidentally dropped by a Russian plane recently exploded, another explosive object was discovered.

An unexploded ordnance was found near the site of the recent explosion.

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