April 23 -

All-Ukrainian psychologist's day


This is a professional holiday for all those who work as psychologists or are involved in this profession.

This is a fairly young event.

It is interesting that the world community does not yet have a separate holiday for psychologists in its calendar.

Psychologist's Day: greetings in prose and verse

Happy Psychologist's Day.

May those who turn to you for help always leave having solved all their problems.

May you have a reason to be proud of your work!

Good luck on your life journey.

Happy psychologist's day: pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


On Psychologist's Day, I wish you positivity,

that you help all people with a smile,

that all problems are simple and beautiful, that

you solve every day with clients!

Happy psychologist's day: pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


Congratulations on the All-Ukrainian Psychologist's Day!

I wish constant development and innovative breakthroughs in this delicate and delicate work.

Great success, grateful patients, satisfaction from one's own work and perfection in the professional sphere!

Happy psychologist's day: pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


You will help heal the soul,

and you will be able to clear the brain,

you will bring back the joy of being,

I congratulate you on Psychologist's Day!

Happy psychologist's day: pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


They turn to you with their problems and worries.

You help save families and protect people from mistakes.

Your wisdom and empathy for other people's problems are worthy of respect.

Psychology is your calling.

We are grateful to you for your work.

Happy holiday to you once again!

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