Khalistan supporter and fugitive Amritpal Singh has surrendered before the Punjab Police.

(file photo)

New Delhi:

Khalistan supporter and fugitive Amritpal Singh has surrendered in front of Moga police in Punjab today.

After this the police arrested Amritpal Singh.

Amritpal Singh has been dodging the Punjab Police and central agencies for the last 36 days and has been absconding in Punjab-Haryana and Delhi.

To catch Amritpal, operations were conducted across the country till the Nepal border.

Recently, Pappalpreet Singh, the most important companion of Amritpal was arrested by the police.

Amritpal Singh was constantly changing his whereabouts and the Punjab Police was following him, but the police could not arrest Amritpal Singh.

The Punjab Police started action against Amritpal Singh on March 18 and arrested hundreds of his associates.

But Amritpal Singh managed to escape with some of his companions.

Amritpal Singh changed so many places before surrendering

  • March 18, 2023: Amritpal Singh absconded from Amritsar. 

  • March 20, 2023: Amritpal Singh was seen in Kurukshetra. 

  • March 21, 2023: Amritpal Singh was seen in Madhu Vihar, Delhi. 

  • On March 23, the news of Amritpal's arrival at Lakhimpur Kheri was received.

  • Amritpal Singh reached Lakhimpur from Jalandhar to Hoshiapur between 23-29 March.

Amritpal was changing place and disguise

Amritpal Singh is constantly changing place and disguise to escape from the police.

Many CCTV footages have come to the fore since Amritpal absconded on March 18.

Amritpal himself has also released two videos on his behalf.

Apart from this, the police had expressed the possibility of Amritpal's surrender several times. 

How Amritpal Singh came into controversies

Let us first know why Amritpal Singh came into controversies and why the police want to arrest him.

On 23 February 2023, Amritpal Singh along with his supporters attacked the police station in Ajnala and rescued one of his comrades from police custody. After this, the police registered a case against Amritpal and his supporters.  

Who is Amritpal Singh? 

Amritpal is the chief of 'Waris Punjab De' organization.

He is demanding a separate country Khalistan.

He has returned from Dubai a few days ago.

Waris Punjab De organization was formed by Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu.

After the death of Deep Sidhu, Amritpal captured it.

He came to India and started connecting people in the organization.

Amritpal's ISI link is being told.