The European Union plans to ban the transit of many goods through


in the 11th package of sanctions currently being prepared in Brussels.

This is reported by the


agency , citing its own sources.

The ban may extend to technological and other goods, including vehicles.

At the same time, not all goods will be prohibited from being transported through Russia if they are intended for third countries.

The publication reports that Russia was able to bypass many sanctions related to technology.

In particular, Moscow receives modern chips and integrated circuits made in the EU and other countries through third countries, including the UAE, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Previously, Poland and the Baltic countries already demanded from the EU to ban the transit of goods through Russia, which it can use for military purposes.

The main focus of the new package of sanctions will be on closing loopholes and solving the problem of circumvention of existing restrictions, including by companies in third countries.

It will be recalled that it was previously reported that the capabilities of the Russian defense industry suffered a significant blow due to Western sanctions, and due to the shortage of microcircuits, it became more difficult to manufacture high-precision weapons,

but the state still gets access to many electronic components


In addition, we previously reported that despite the sanctions, at least three Russian defense enterprises 

receive microchips manufactured by companies

 in the Netherlands.

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