The second-hand furniture auction site of Zangjin Pavilion was quite lively, and Portuguese couples also specially came to choose it.

(Provided by Nanshi Environmental Protection Bureau)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] In response to 422 Earth Day, Nanshi Environmental Protection Bureau cooperated with Tzu Chi Foundation to expand the second-hand and waste-free market on the Zangjin Pavilion Auction Day today.

Some stall owners responded by "bartering things" or openly asking for it for free. There were also many schoolchildren who acted as competent little bosses selling second-hand goods. Parents and children responded to the circular concept of loving and cherishing things together. The number of participants exceeded 400 person-times. About 830 second-hand items were swapped out.

According to the Environmental Protection Bureau, in order to break away from the existing model of money transactions, the waste-free market adopts a cashless transaction method. Some use the game PK method to exchange gold coins, and some even share life stories with each other. The nearly 20 stalls on site are mostly parent-child stalls. Implement the spirit of resource recycling and reuse in an entertaining and educational way.

In addition to the bustling waste-free market outside the venue, the furniture auction inside the venue was also lively.

The main products this time are pine storage benches, simple wooden dressing tables, second-hand bicycles, etc., which attracted many people to compete for bids, and a Portuguese couple also participated in the event; It's very special. I only found out that there is a furniture auction after asking.

Because of their special liking for old-fashioned furniture, they went to Cangjin Pavilion to choose early in the morning, and they were full of praise for the on-site restored furniture.

Xu Renze, director of the Environmental Protection Bureau, believes that the Environmental Protection Bureau will continue to implement resource reuse and create circular economic benefits. In the 2023 Cangjin Pavilion Auction Day, a total of 1,618 pieces of second-hand furniture and related products, 36 used bicycles, and 561 pieces of aesthetic cultural and creative products have been sold so far. , with a total revenue of 1,209,701 yuan.

Mayor Huang Weizhe emphasized that Zangjin Pavilion upholds the spirit of recycling and reuse, meticulously repairs discarded furniture and second-hand bicycles, and gives them new life; in response to 422 Earth Day, the bureau held a second-hand waste-free market that is fun for parents and children, which is particularly meaningful.

Nanshi Environmental Protection Bureau and Tzu Chi Foundation cooperated to expand the second-hand and waste-free market on the Cangjin Pavilion Auction Day today.

(Provided by Nanshi Environmental Protection Bureau)