The leader of the team surnamed Chen who died of hypothermia once recorded a video on the first day and the second day respectively, pointing out that he was walking in the arrow bamboo forest and waiting for the main suspect in the arrow bamboo forest.

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The team leader died of hypothermia and the American woman lost contact

[Reporter Chen Fengli/Report from Nantou] The 6 members of the Andong Army mountaineering team who encountered the strongest spring rain front, the leader died of hypothermia, and the Chinese-American female mountain friend surnamed Ye lost contact. The American colleague Allen and his niece who were traveling together today In the afternoon, they went down the mountain smoothly. The two revealed that because they traveled quickly and kept walking ahead, they did not know that the team leader and colleagues were in trouble until they evacuated to Tianchi Villa for three days. They waited for two nights in Tianchi Villa, and they were led down the mountain in the morning by their co-workers. .

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The 55-year-old Chinese-American female professor surnamed Ye is the main person on this trip. Together with her are 55-year-old American professor Alan and Alan's 25-year-old niece. They came to Taiwan this morning. Accompanied by two collaborators, they descended from Tianchi Mountain Villa and arrived at the Renai Police Station in the afternoon. The Hualien County Xincheng Police Station, which was assisted by the police, produced witness records on their behalf.

It is understood that Allen and his niece revealed that the two traveled very quickly, so they walked in front of the team from the first day (18th). The weather became bad in the afternoon of the second day. They retreated and set up camp at Taiwan Pool at night. They couldn't wait for the colleague surnamed Ye and the team leader, but for some reason they didn't come to meet up.

On the third day, Xie Xie took the two of them down to Tianchi Villa, and only then did Xie Xie receive a distress call from the team leader. Xie Xie went up the mountain with the manager of Tianchi Villa and others to find someone, but they stayed at Tianchi Villa until Xie Xie returned to the villa, only to find out that the team leader had an accident. , a colleague surnamed Ye also lost contact.

This mountain accident triggered heated discussions among mountain friends. Many mountain friends posted PO posts on Facebook groups related to mountaineering. Among them, Collaboration Li also posted a message, pointing out that the team leader wanted to retreat, while the American team members wanted to continue their journey. On the second day, I made up my mind to forcibly retreat, but I couldn't come back.

Some netizens also found two Facebook videos of the team leader named Chen. One was the first day he went up the mountain on the morning of the 18th and passed through the Arrow Bamboo Forest, and the other was on the morning of the 19th. , he emphasized in the video that after he camped at Continental Pond at night, he had to retreat the same way the next day. The retreat was not due to the weather. In fact, there was no rain but strong wind when the video was filmed. Make a video and share the actual combat experience with everyone.