Lai Kuncheng defeated his long-time enemy Liu Chaohao to win the Democratic Progressive Party's Taitung Regional Legislative Party Primary Election.

(Photo by reporter Chen Xianyi)

[Reporter Chen Xianyi/Taitung Report] "I haven't heard my own firecrackers for 14 years!" The results of the DPP's Taitung regional legislator telephone poll primary election results were released today. It is rumored that Taitung Mayor Lai Kuncheng and The current legislator Liu Chaohao, after the result of the fight was announced, he won 45.64% to Liu's 37.23%.

Lai Kuncheng thanked his supporters for their support, and emphasized that after 12 years away from Taitung politics, he finally had the opportunity to get tickets and the right to compete. Now is the beginning of "Team 190" serving Taitung people.

Lai Kuncheng said that the party’s primary election for the Democratic Progressive Party’s legislators was decided on March 22, and it was exactly one month from April 21. In such a short period of time, the gap between 40% and 21% in polls In just one month, we can surpass the golden cross line and gain a certain advantage. We are very grateful to the folks in Taitung, especially the supporters for their input during this period.