This time they captured the building of the Catholic church.

This is written by the Berdyansk City Military Administration. 

The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was not only a religious community.

Here the needy could receive support, and residents and guests of the city had the opportunity to hear organ music.

From the very beginning of the occupation, the church provided shelter and assistance to all who needed it.

Father Ivan Levitsky participated in pro-Ukrainian rallies and continued to pray at noon every day near the "I love Berdyansk" installation.

That year, the occupiers kidnapped the priests of the Greek Catholic Church, Bohdan Galeta and Ivan Levitskyi.

They were accused of storing explosives and cooperation with Ukrainian special services.

Propaganda media wrote that they allegedly found a cache of weapons in the church, and the clergy themselves were convicted for serving as chaplains for the Ukrainian army in the ATO zone in 2015.

There is still no information: whether they are alive and what their state of health is.

Even earlier, the occupiers also kidnapped the head of the Lutheran community of Berdyansk, Artur Kozhevnikov.

"Now, Russian propagandists are dispersing information, as if the clergy used the personal data and biological material of the faithful. The stories also mention that the authors of the books found in the church called for the overthrow of the Yanukovych regime. The propagandists even used the location of the church for their own purposes - allegedly the fact that it is built opposite the eternal fire, it is no coincidence that this is a confrontation with the Russian world. Russians pass off the clothes of clergymen and items for services as occult. They show the usual clothes of a priest and say that those items are like from a horror movie," the message reads. 

"We believe that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon show the occupiers a real horror movie. Because Berdyansk is a city of free people who respect each other's worldview. And the persecution of religious communities by the occupiers is a crime. The Russians are violating the rights of our people to freedom of religion. The invaders have made it impossible for everyone to work religious communities, except for their propagandist Moscow Patriarchate," officials are convinced. 

It will be recalled that in the evening briefing on March 23, the General Staff published

information about the "exit" of all units of the Russian army from Novaya Kakhovka.

Before that, they robbed the local population, stealing household appliances and valuables.

The same evening, the Ukrainian command denied its previous statement, explaining that it was "incorrect use of available data.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov says that 

Nova Kakhovka is of strategic importance for the Russian Federation


They will fight for her to the last.

"There will be an order to fight to the death, not to retreat anywhere and not to surrender anything," Zhdanov emphasized.

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