Many people simply throw onion peels in the trash.

But you can prepare a useful infusion from it, which will be rich in mineral salts, carotene, phytoncides, various vitamins and other useful substances.

Your plants will definitely like this natural onion peel fertilizer.

Pests will also stay away from crops, because they don't like the smell of the decoction.

Onion peel fertilizer: benefits

First of all, it has a rich vitamin composition, and it also contains nicotinic acid, which has a positive effect on the development and growth of plants, helps them to increase the root system.

Also, onion peel fertilizer has the following advantages:

  • it contains phytoncides - they have a harmful effect on bacteria, stop the spread and development of fungi;

  • this supplement contains boron - without it, apple trees, strawberries and tomatoes cannot fully develop;

  • it includes almost all vitamins of the B group - with their help, crops build up green mass faster and better.

How to cook

First of all, you need to pay attention that any fertilizers made from onion husks cannot be stored for a long time, because they deteriorate quickly and lose their useful properties.

You can use top dressing based on onion husks for the garden for all agricultural crops.

It is especially useful for tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, berry bushes, fruit trees, and flowers.

Onion peel fertilizer for tomatoes and cucumbers

Top dressing in liquid form can be used not only for watering under the root, but also for spraying the leaves.

You need to pour 30 g of onion peel into a bucket and pour 5 liters of warm boiled water, mix thoroughly, cover with a lid and leave for 5 days, putting it in a dark place.

When the infusion is ready, it must be filtered.

Such fertilizer from onion husks is used for root watering and spraying no more than once every 10 days.

It is better to do it on cloudy days or after sunset.

Also, for tomatoes and cucumbers, an infusion based on onion husks and birch ash is prepared.

Pour 60 g of ash and 120 g of onion husks into a container, add 1.2 liters of boiling water, mix thoroughly.

The mixture is covered with a lid and left in a dark place for 3 days.

Then filter, add 3 liters of water and use as top dressing for adult plants and seedlings.

Onion husk fertilizer for strawberries

Onion husks are very beneficial to strawberry bushes, because they help them get all the nutrients they need for development and protection from parasites.

Take 120 g of onion peel, pour 2.6 liters of boiling water.

Store in a dark place for 3 days.

When the fertilizer is infused, it must be filtered.

Use for root watering and spraying.

The same onion peel fertilizer is great for fruit trees and berry bushes.