The Democratic Progressive Party announced today (22) the poll results for the Taitung County Constituency. Former legislator Lai Kun-Cheng (right) won with 45.64%.

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[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] The Democratic Progressive Party’s 2024 regional legislative elections are in full swing. Today (22) the results of the polls in the Taitung County Constituency were announced. road.

Lai and Liu are both in the DPP, but their political grievances are deep; Lai Kuncheng failed to seek re-election in 2012, and lost to Liu Chaohao in the party's primary election. Liu has since been re-elected as a legislator for three terms.

According to the results of the poll released by the Central Party Headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party, Lai Kuncheng had 45.64%, Chen Mingda 37.23%, and no clear candidate 17.13%.

The list of nominations for each constituency is subject to the official announcement of the DPP Central Executive Committee.