The people brought their children to the cabbage field to pick.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)

[Reporter Ye Yongqian/Pingtung Report] Cabbage costs 10 yuan a piece. A farmer surnamed Shepilian in Wandan Township, Pingtung County today opened the cabbage field for the public to pick by themselves, which attracted many nearby people to buy. The farmer said that this planting Because of the high output in the market, cabbages sold in a lot of land are sold at a loss of 10 yuan each. I am afraid that they will not be sold out. The remaining cabbage can only be plowed and used as fertilizer, which is very helpless.

The young farmer surnamed Lian said that he has only been farming for 2 or 3 years and has grown taro, cabbage and other crops. The price of taro this year is not good, but he did not expect the price of cabbage to be so bad, because the recent output is so high that it is not worthwhile to just transport and sell. So simply open the public to pick it by themselves.

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This morning, the owner of the merchant drove a small truck to buy. One car was full of cabbage and bought about 1,000 yuan. Safe vegetables, even insects come to eat.

The farmer surnamed Lian pointed out that selling one for 10 yuan is not even enough for the cost. I am afraid that if I sell it in two days, I will not be able to sell it all. A lot of help.

Cabbage is 10 yuan a piece, and the merchant buys a whole basket.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)

The Banten Korean vegetable field is open to the public for picking.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)