The strange hand that slipped from the pallet truck broke the electric pole on the spot on the spot.

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[Reporter Tong Zhenguo/Report from Nantou] It's really thrilling!

A pallet truck carrying 20 tons of strange hands passed through the Renzhiguan downhill bend section of Puwu Highway, Ren'ai Township, Tai 14 Line, Ren'ai Township, Nantou County at 5 o'clock in the evening. The strange hand on the car suddenly slipped off the road and crashed the road The electric poles on the side caused damage to the power facilities and almost hit the roadside vehicles. At present, a single-line traffic control is maintained. The Ren'ai Branch and Taipower Company continue to eliminate the accident scene.

It is understood that the trailer carrying the strange hand was traveling from Wushe, Ren'ai Township, along the Puwu Highway on Taiwan Line 14 towards Puli. Excessive speed or emergency braking, the 200-type strange hand weighing more than 20 tons on the car suddenly fell to the right and fell to the road. Shopkeepers and residents heard a loud noise and went out to check. The cable was pulled and was still powered on at the time. It was very critical and reported to the police.

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It was the evening off-duty time, and there was a heavy two-way traffic on Taiwan’s Line 14. Tractors and fallen strange hands occupied the downlink lane, and the traffic was blocked. Police from the Ren’ai Branch came to the scene to conduct single-lane traffic control. Taipower personnel also came to the scene to investigate the power facilities. The damage situation will be eliminated at the scene of the accident, and the detailed cause of the accident will be further investigated and clarified by the police.

The electric pole supports multiple cables, and the situation is critical after being broken by a strange hand.

(provided by the public)