The Democratic Progressive Party's Taitung Legislative Primary Election will be held tonight in the city's telephone polls. Lai Kuncheng (right) and Liu Chaohao (left) will lead to discussions about who will qualify.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang/Taitung Report] In the DPP Taitung Legislative Primary Election, former legislator Lai Kuncheng strongly challenged the current legislator Liu Chaohao. Tonight, the winner will be determined through telephone polls in the city. Lai Kuncheng is frequently fired. Said that the only support for Lai Kuncheng, together to overthrow Taitung; Liu Chaohao thanked everyone for their warmth and encouragement along the way, received a call to say that the only support for Liu Chaohao.

Lai and Liu are both in the Democratic Progressive Party, but the political grievances are deep. When Lai Kuncheng was a legislator, Liu Chaohao defeated Lai Kuncheng in the party primary election. Since then, he has been re-elected as a legislator for three terms. , Recently, the two often meet in public, and even sit side by side, but there is no interaction.

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Yesterday, the construction of the dual-track Huadong Railway from Taitung to Zhiben started. Liu Chaohao and Minister of Transportation Wang Guocai delivered speeches and broke the ground. Liu Chaohao emphasized that the Huadong Railway dual-track project has been vigorously promoted since he served as a legislator. All the way from feasibility assessment, comprehensive planning, From the environmental impact assessment to the approval of the construction design, the budget was incorporated into the forward-looking plan for implementation and management, and the traffic bottleneck in Taitung was improved.

Lai Kuncheng came here uninvited yesterday. He said on Facebook today that he seized the rare opportunity yesterday to report to Minister of Transport Wang Guocai that the double-tracking of the Taiwan Railway Huadong Line should avoid fault zones and establish an earthquake early warning and automatic deceleration system. In order to ensure driving safety, unexpectedly, when Minister Wang was listening, Liu Zhaohao actually pulled Minister Wang away to prevent him from having a chance to express himself. This is why he must return to Congress!

This evening, a telephone poll will be conducted in the city. Lai Kuncheng said that according to the results of the primary election poll for the Taipei 2nd constituency, Taipei City Councilor Wang Shijian beat legislator He Zhiwei.

Liu Chaohao implores his good friends in Taitung to hold on to the phone calls and polls for Liu Chaohao!

Please answer all questions patiently when you receive the call, and answer "the only support for Liu Chaohao". He will continue to work hard and continue to work hard for the most beloved Taitung.