The prosecutor and the police met each other this afternoon, and Lin's mother was very sad.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)

[Reporter Wang Shanyan/Report from Chiayi] A man surnamed Wu from Shuishang Township, Chiayi County killed his wife, Lin Nu, and two sons, aged 10 and 8, with a knife early this morning due to suspected emotional factors. The son was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but he is still in the intensive care unit and has not yet escaped from danger.

The prosecutor and the police checked each other this afternoon. After the forensic examination, Ms. Lin was stabbed 14 times. The main fatal wounds were in the chest and neck.

Chief Prosecutor and spokesperson of the Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office, Jiang Jinxing, said that the 10-year-old boy was mainly injured by a sharp object in the neck, and no other body parts were injured. Falling from a high place, the head also has a broken wound from falling to the ground. The exact cause of death and whether there is a toxic drug reaction will be confirmed by autopsy on April 26. If it can be confirmed with the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Ministry of Justice, the autopsy will be arranged as soon as possible.

Jiang Jinxing said that Wu Nan sent a message to his father through LINE, saying that he would take away the two children, and explained that he was under financial pressure; a murder knife was found at the scene, but whether it was the knife used in the murder has yet to be confirmed.

Jiang Jinxing said that after reviewing the surveillance video footage, Wu Nan was walking outside the house around 2:30 in the morning. Nearly 3:00, he used the aluminum ladder outside the house to climb to the second-floor lighting cover, climbed over the parapet wall and entered the house. Seeing Wu Nan fall from the second floor to the courtyard, it was judged that Wu Nan was the only one who committed the crime.

Lin's mother saw her daughter's tragic death during the interview today, and cried bitterly at the scene. Lin's uncle denounced, "I want to sue, but there is no one to sue. I just hope that Wu Nan's family and the public will stop making remarks that are harmful to the niece's reputation."

Uncle Lin said that the house and farmland where her niece and her husband lived were all bought and owned by her younger sister. The niece and her husband were discussing divorce last week. The niece and her husband were supposed to go to Taichung with their children, but unexpectedly it was too late.

Sister Lin said that her brother-in-law is usually agitated and will be aggressive and scolding to the children. In recent years, she has had disputes with her sister. Last week, her brother-in-law and her sister had a big quarrel, and they wanted to divorce. The sister insisted on custody of the two children. On April 14, the brother-in-law actually beat the elder sister in front of the parents of both parties. To avoid angering the elder brother-in-law, he did not call the police. The elder sister went to the hospital for medical treatment due to back and hand injuries, and the hospital reported the domestic violence.

In addition, the brother-in-law does not allow the sister to go out to work, but usually says that the money she earns is not enough to spend, etc. At the end of last year, the sister temporarily worked in customer service administration.

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