Taichung City Councilor Lin Qifeng questioned that he had heard that Sifang bus drivers were planning to go on strike a few days earlier, but the Municipal Transportation Bureau failed to grasp the response, causing inconvenience to citizens.

(Photo by reporter Su Jinfeng)

[Reporter Su Jinfeng/Taichung Report] Taichung Sifang Passenger Transport went on strike yesterday (18th). City Councilor Lin Qifeng questioned in the city council today that he knew that Sifang Bus drivers were planning to strike a few days ago, and criticized the city transportation bureau for not knowing it beforehand. Information, no emergency response after the incident, leaving many citizens who want to take a bus to work or school without a car; the Transportation Bureau stated that the operators have paid their salaries today and the frequency has generally resumed. More than 300,000 yuan will be fined; Zhang Dachun, director of the labor bureau, also pointed out that "Sifang Passenger Transport" will be fined 20,000 to 1 million yuan.

"Sifang Passenger Transport" has 13 bus routes in Taichung City, and there are 68 drivers. Due to the arrears of salary, the drivers "collectively ask for leave". Four of the 13 routes have abnormal bus schedules. Many people and students cannot take the bus. .

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The City Council is conducting a special report on bus fatal accidents today. As for Sifang Passenger Transport’s failure to pay wages yesterday and the drivers went on strike, City Councilor Lin Qifeng said that there was a problem with Sifang Passenger’s operating funds, which resulted in the drivers not being paid 3 by mid-April. Monthly salary, about 80 drivers of the company collectively asked for leave on the 18th and did not start the car. People arrived at the stop sign early in the morning and could not wait for the car. Citizens' right to travel.

Lin Qifeng criticized that citizens rely on buses to commute to work and school. Drivers get full attendance bonuses for driving buses. Being late not only deducts wages, but also loses full attendance bonuses.

Did the city government have any information in advance that the drivers were going to strike?

Lin Qifeng questioned that he had learned the general information three days ago, and the Transportation Bureau should have known the information long ago. Why didn't he ask the Labor Bureau and other inter-bureau agencies to deal with it?

Even the high-level city government should come forward to coordinate. What can the Transportation Bureau do?

At the beginning, the city government had signed contracts with the operators, but now that there is a strike, the points and subsidy deductions will not help citizens' friends not to get a bus. The only loss is the citizens' right to ride a bus.