Taipei Mayor Jiang Wanan said that the high unemployment rate has many problems, and has asked the Labor Bureau to clarify the reasons and propose corresponding policies.

(Photo by reporter He Yuhua)

[Reporter He Yuhua/Taipei Report] The youth unemployment rate in Taipei City between the ages of 25 and 29 is the highest among the six cities. Taipei Mayor Jiang Wanan said that the city government has integrated relevant resources to take a multi-pronged approach. At the same time, it also requires the Labor Bureau and other relevant units to clarify The real reason for the high unemployment rate can promote corresponding policies to actively improve the problem.

Jiang Wanan said that during the election campaign last year, he found that the youth unemployment rate in Taipei City was often the highest among the six cities. After taking office, he upheld the attitude of facing and solving problems. These include job search allowances, insurance for job search, transportation subsidies, etc. The Industry and Development Bureau also integrates resources to solve the problem of excessively high youth unemployment through investment promotion and promotion of Taipei by the Public Information Bureau.

Jiang Wanan emphasized that the unemployment rate has many aspects. In the past, he had many discussions with the Ministry of Labor in the Sanitation Committee of the Legislative Yuan. It is not a single reason; has the epidemic caused structural unemployment?

Whether it is frictional unemployment, etc., the labor bureau and other relevant bureaus have been asked to clarify the real reason, integrate resources, and actively propose solutions.