A 73-year-old man in Australia drove to a car wash to wash his car, but was crushed by a car wash machine and died of serious injuries due to improper operation.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A 73-year-old man in Australia drove to an automatic car wash to wash his car, but due to improper operation, he was seriously injured by a car wash machine and died 3 days after he was sent to the hospital.

According to eyewitnesses behind the old man, the old man drove the car into the parking area before turning on the car wash button. When the car washing machine started to run, the old man tried to run back to the front seat. As soon as he stepped into the car door, he was crushed by the car washer. land.

According to the "Daily Mail" report, in November 2019, a 73-year-old man was crushed to death by a car washing machine at a car wash in the town of (Springvale), Melbourne (Melbourne).

According to Pietrina Di Noto, the driver behind the old man, after the old man parked the car at the car wash position, he got off the car and operated the machine to start the car wash operation. At that time, the old man scolded her "brutally" and asked her to move the car back. , otherwise it will prevent him from starting the machine.

After the man successfully started the car wash machine, Tinotto said, "the moment he saw the machine move, he started running".

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Tinotto said the man tried to get back into the front seat of the car while the machine was running, and the machine was already spraying water and entering the car wash process.

"I was like, oh no, please go back to the back seat." Tinotto was quite shocked at the moment, pointing out that the car wash machine was running, and it was a dangerous choice to go back to the front seat at that time, but the old man still tried to open it. The front door tried to get in, but it was only wide enough for him to put one foot in.

In the end, the car washing machine clamped the car door, and the old man was crushed to the ground by the machine, unable to move.

Firefighters sent personnel to rescue the old man in the fastest time, but the old man's brain suffered from hypoxia for a long time due to the heavy pressure of the machine, and he died 3 days after being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The local Labor Safety Bureau filed four charges against Chevron Australia Downstream Fuels, which operates a car wash, for violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act, including the manufacturer's failure to post "Driving is prohibited when the car wash machine is running." Such as warning signs, no anti-collision bars or safety systems that can detect obstacles in the car wash area, metal brackets installed on the gantry, resulting in reduced car wash space, requiring manufacturers to remove the brackets to reduce the risk of accidents, and finally the car wash The faulty operating system of the system caused passengers to drive the car to the car wash area first, and then leave the car to enter the code to start the car wash operation. The normal process should be to enter the code to start the car wash operation before the car is allowed to drive into the car wash area.

The case was heard in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on the 17th of this month, and the result has not yet been released.