The Gaoshi government built the Hanmin Park underground parking lot, and the Ministry of Communications agreed to subsidize 318 million yuan.

(Provided by Lai Ruilong's office)

[Reporter Hong Chenhong/Kaohsiung Report] Hanmin Road, Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City is an important traffic road. Due to the narrow space and dense population, there is a serious shortage of parking space. Legislator Lai Ruilong is fighting for the Ministry of Communications' "Forward-looking Infrastructure Construction-Urban and Rural Construction Improvement Parking Problem Plan" "The Ministry of Communications today agreed in principle to subsidize 318.82 million yuan to subsidize the Kaohsiung City Government's construction of the "Hanmin Park Underground Parking Lot Construction Project."

The Ministry of Communications pointed out that the construction plan of the Hanmin Park underground parking lot is located in a dense commercial area in Xiaogang, and is close to the MRT Red Line, the International Airport, Hanmin Night Market and other business and sightseeing hotspots. Insufficient parking spaces, such as areas that attract a large number of trips, provide expected benefits such as parking supply and air pollution savings in public transportation stations, park-and-ride, sightseeing and recreational areas, etc., which were first deliberated and approved at the review meeting on March 9, and approved after supplementary documents subsidy.

According to the Transportation Bureau of Gao City Hall, it is difficult to find parking spaces around Hanmin Park during evenings and holidays, and Xiaogang’s business is developing rapidly and the population is growing rapidly. The demand for parking space will continue to grow in the future.

Hanmin Park underground parking lot construction plan, the base is located on the land between Hanmin Road, Dapeng Road and Xuefu Road in Xiaogang District. It is expected to build two floors underground, with a total of 350 parking spaces for small cars. A consulting company will be entrusted to carry out design planning and follow-up bidding work. The total planning fund is 580 million yuan, the central forward-looking funding subsidy is 318.82 million yuan, and the city government raises 261.17 million yuan.

Lai Ruilong emphasized that the location of the underground parking lot of Hanmin Park is the core area of ​​Xiaogang, the surrounding Xiaogang Forest Park has been completed, the MRT Red Line 53.3 billion extension forest garden, the new terminal of Kaohsiung International Airport 88 billion yuan has been approved, and the construction of Xiaogang Hospital's emergency and critical care building is under construction. Projects such as operations, commercial investment and development of Taiwan Sugar Land, and construction of the Xiaogang National Sports Center will accelerate the overall development of Xiaogang and the commercial flow of population.