It is rumored that the U.S. military has dispatched 100 active-duty instructors to Taiwan. The Army responded that various foreign-related military exchanges were handled according to the plan.

The picture shows officers and soldiers of the 542nd Army Armored Brigade performing combat readiness patrol training.

(File photo, provided by Military News Agency)

[Reporter Lu Yixuan/Taipei Report] Nearly 200 active-duty US military instructors are stationed in Taiwan. The Ministry of National Defense confirmed today and expressed optimism.

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) said today that it does not comment on specific deployments or exchanges, but the United States wants to emphasize that the United States' support for Taiwan and its defense relationship with Taiwan are adjusted in response to the current threat posed by the People's Republic of China.

The rock-solid commitment of the United States to Taiwan will help maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and in the region.

"Central News Agency" reported that in order to strengthen the national army's combat power, the US military has sent more than 100 active-duty instructors to Taiwan, and most of them have been stationed in the army's new training center and reserve brigade to give advice.

The Army responded yesterday that all foreign-related military exchanges were handled according to the plan.

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The spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense, Major General Sun Lifang, said at a press conference this morning that Minister of National Defense Qiu Guozheng mentioned in the Legislative Yuan that as long as it helps the training and combat effectiveness of the national army, he will continue to deepen and expand exchanges with the alliance; the Ministry of National Defense is optimistic that it will become a friend Allied countries enhance the combat power of the national army through military training and other methods, but as a rule, they will not explain the details.

The Wall Street Journal exclusively reported in February this year that the US plans to send 100 to 200 troops to Taiwan in the next few months, up from about 30 a year ago.

The increased presence of U.S. troops in Taiwan would expand the Pentagon's long-held public training program based on providing Taiwan with the necessary self-defense capabilities without angering Beijing.

U.S. officials said that the addition of U.S. troops stationed in Taiwan will not only train the national army to operate U.S. weapons, but also provide tactical guidance on preventing Chinese attacks.

But declined to give further details.