The Ministry of Public Health has tapped and the direction for the management of COVID-19 is to be vaccinated once a year, starting with the influenza vaccine all over the country, D-Day, May 1, focusing on 608 risk groups first, free of charge


As for the general public, they receive free voluntary only government vaccines.

But if going to get the service of

Private hospitals have to pay for themselves.

Confirmed that the vaccine can also help reduce severe illness and reduce death.

Can also be used for all types

but wearing a mask

Frequent hand washing is also a necessary personal protection measure, while Thailand "Mar.-Apr." found 27 COVID-19 patients with XBB.1.16 mixed strains of COVID-19, one of whom died, an elderly foreigner.

At the Ministry of Public Health on April 18, Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health

Revealed after the meeting to monitor the situation of COVID-19 that although the past week

The number of infected people is increasing

but the symptoms are not severe

Few hospitalizations

The cumulative number of endotracheal intubation in 12 health zones is less than 20 and 2 deaths.

and not in the surveillance species

And the virus still responds to the drug as before.

And the drug stock is still sufficient, including Favipiravir.

1 million tablets of molnupiravir, 100,000 doses of remdesivir, 10,000 doses of Paxlovid and Immunotherapy Immunotherapy (LAAB).

Dr. Opas said that

Experts advise prescribing antiviral drugs in the 608 risk group with symptoms, while people with less symptoms should treat them according to their symptoms.

for covid vaccination

The ministry is preparing to give injections in the form of an annual vaccine or once a year in conjunction with the influenza vaccine.

Therefore, coping with COVID-19

So it's like a local disease.

which will start with the COVID-19 vaccination

and the nationwide flu vaccine on May 1

From now on, focusing on the 608 risk group first, while the general public should be away from the last injection for 3 months or infected and sick for 3 months.

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Government hospitals can purchase their own medicines.

and reimburse expenses from the National Health Security Office

Patients receive free of charge.

As for the government vaccine, it focuses on providing services to risk groups free of charge.

The general public can receive it free of their will.

As for private hospitals, they can provide their own medicines and vaccines.

If people go to receive services at private hospitals, they must pay their own money according to the normal system.

Later, Dr. Suphakit Sirilak, Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences

Announcement on tracking strains of COVID-19

in Thailand that the situation around the world

The main strain of the epidemic, Omicron XBB.1.15, was 48% overall, while XBB.1.16 was found at 4% but tended to increase steadily.

For Thailand, the main strains that are epidemic

Overall, it is still a species in the XBB family** and there is a species worth watching, namely XBB.1.16, 27 people have been found, with 22 people found in March, 5 people in April, of which 1 person died. Foreigners aged 85 years

Dr. Suphakit said that

Laboratory data show that XBB.1.16 is more immune and spreads faster than XBB.1.15, and there is no evidence that it is more virulent.

The symptoms are not different, such as fever, cough, sore throat, but reports have been found in India that children have red eyes, itchy eyes, or eyes that are unable to open, but without pus. For ATK, at present, it can still detect the XBB.1.15 strain of COVID-19. and XBB.1.16, except deteriorated or expired ATK, and from now on, the Department of Science will detect more species by decoding the entire genetic code.

Expected to take 1 month to know XBB.1.

16 Can it spread quickly and replace other strains in Thailand?

As for the use of ready-made immunity, or LAAB, with strain XBB, which is a crossbreeding strain of omikron,

decrease in efficiency

but also necessary for severely ill patients

For newer vaccines or Bivalent, maybe a little better.

But either type or version of the vaccine can reduce severe illness and death. People are asked to take personal protective measures, such as wearing masks and washing hands frequently. It is still necessary.

Dr. Sophon Iamsirithaworn

Deputy Director General Department of Disease Control

Mentioning the situation in Thailand, it is expected that after Songkran there will be a slight increase in waves.

Last week, two patients died, aged 23 and 24, one with low immunity.

And the other person has been vaccinated for more than 3 months and Thailand has an immune survey.

It was found that 94 percent of the population had natural immunity and vaccines.

Therefore, it is recommended to receive the vaccine 3 months after the last dose and to be vaccinated with influenza vaccine.

The old and new vaccines can be used as boosters.

There are now more than 10 million doses of all kinds of reserve vaccines.