The Executive Director of Tanzania Seed Traders (TASTA), Dr. Bob Shuma has asked farmers to use the best groundnut and sunflower seeds that have been researched, to increase production that will enable the country to have enough cooking oil from the household level.

He said this here in the city when he visited the farm producing sorghum, peanuts and sunflower seeds of agricultural expert Aithan Chaula located in Zinje Village, Mkonze Ward, Dodoma City Council.

He said Chaula, who is also the Executive Secretary of the Dodoma Agriculture Seeds Production Association (DASPA), received funding through CIMMYT Mexico under the AVISA project, where they produce seeds, provide training to farmers who are distributed seeds with the aim of increasing production.

He said that since their independence, peanuts were given importance in the household, as it made it possible to extract oil that was used for cooking and many have been using that oil for many years.

He said that they are promoting the cultivation of peanuts by using the best seeds by empowering seed producers to produce seeds that will be distributed to farmers in their areas.

The Executive Director of Tanzania Seed Traders (TASTA), Dr. Bob Shuma (right) looking at the farm.

of peanuts located in Zinje Village.

On the left is the Executive Secretary of DASPA, Aithan Chaula and the other is Fabian Ngoloi who is an employee of the farm.

(All photos by Sifa Lubasi).

He said that the Government is making great efforts to ensure that agriculture is productive, the private sector also ensures that farmers join groups and are given training that enables them to improve their agricultural activities, including providing them with quality seeds that will increase production.

He said that TASTA has had a strategy to empower seed producers who after producing will be distributed to farmers, in order to increase the production of crops such as sorghum, peanuts and sunflowers.

He said that they visited the fields of farmers who are using researched seeds including those of Nachi 2015, Nari nut 2015 and Naliendele 2016.

"We are satisfied with the great work done here in Zinje, the seed farms show that what will go to the farmers will be better and will increase production," he said.

"Peanuts are a product with a good market in the country and abroad, everyone should see the responsibility of continuing the government's efforts to ensure that there is great efficiency in production," he said.

The executive of DASPA, Aithan Chaula said that they are producing quality seeds, to ensure that there is a large production of crops.

He said that CIMMYT through the AVISA project can reach farmers in Dodoma region where in Chamwino district a total of eight wards have been reached and Singida Vijijini eight wards.