The police stopped and arrested Zhang Nan while he was about to go out.

(Picture provided by the police)

[Reporter Xu Guozhen/Taichung Report] A young worker surnamed Zhang in Taipei City claimed to be addicted to drugs due to stress. Recently, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Taichung City Police Department traced the source. Heroin and other old-fashioned drugs are popular, and marijuana is more "fashionable". The police cited doctor's research on the spot and warned that long-term marijuana smoking "will lower IQ".

Taichung City Criminal Investigation Team No. 5 recently seized a drug trafficking syndicate selling marijuana along the line. When further tracing the upstream source and drug flow, it was found that a 25-year-old worker surnamed Zhang living in Taipei was suspected of possessing marijuana and other drugs. Taking advantage of his going out, he arrested people, and seized 1 package of marijuana flower (9.14 grams in weight), 1 can of marijuana tobacco (6.38 grams in weight), 2.5 poisonous stamps (ergot diethylamine LSD, 0.82 grams in weight), ground Stolen evidence such as appliances, electronic scales, etc.

When Zhang was arrested, he confessed to taking and possessing drugs, arguing that he was addicted to drugs due to stress, and he also said boldly that old-school drugs such as heroin and amphetamines are no longer popular among young people, and calling marijuana "fashionable" will not be successful. However, the police reminded Mr. Zhang that medical studies have shown that long-term high-dose marijuana use will lead to a "significant decrease" in IQ. They advised Mr. Zhang to learn a lesson and stop taking drugs after he was arrested. Send it off.

The Municipal Criminal University emphasized that marijuana is a second-level drug under the regulations on the prevention and control of drug hazards. Whether it is manufacturing, transporting, selling, planting, transferring, possessing or using marijuana, it constitutes a crime. Cannabis-related products (such as marijuana oil , marijuana paste, marijuana gummies, marijuana biscuits...), if the content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) reaches 10ppm, it is identified as a second-level drug.

Zhu Zhengxian, captain of the Fifth Investigation Department, said today that Taiwan’s Higher Prosecutor’s Office held a “drug situation analysis and warning release press conference” in March this year, in which Li Junhong, a physician from the Taiwan Society for Addictions, also made the same suggestion at the meeting that marijuana belongs to the central nervous system. Hallucinogens, after smoking, can cause rapid heartbeat, delusions, hallucinations, dry mouth, red eyes and other phenomena. Long-term use has tolerance and psychological dependence. Do not mistakenly believe that marijuana is a natural plant, and ignore the harm to the body. Stay away from numbness.

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The police seized drugs such as marijuana and poisoned stamps.

(Picture provided by the police)