Today, Bakhmut remains one of the hottest spots on the front.

The Ukrainian military continues to hold the western part of the city. 

Military expert Roman Svitan told about this in an interview with UNIAN.

He says that if the Armed Forces start retreating, the entire front will collapse.

In particular, it will be necessary to retreat to new frontiers, which will significantly affect the losses of the army.

"Decisions will be made on the spot by the commanders of the operational unit, depending on the development of the situation. Currently, in the Bakhmut area, the Russians are using almost everything they have, starting from the UR-77, which is a demining system used in a strike mode, to all types of aircraft with with all means of destruction, from unguided rockets to guided ones. They are trying to "dismantle" high-rises to basements so that our troops cannot use them as firing points," the expert said.

According to Svitan, the pressure of the Russian occupiers remains strong.

In this mode, they will be able to work for several more weeks, since they are collecting ammunition and have increased air flights.

"There are also Avdiyivka and Maryinka, but the main thing is Bakhmut. It is very difficult, but our forces are holding on, there are rotational moments, there are decisions to go back and forth. There is a so-called positional struggle: a position is surrendered, a position is taken again or a position is taken nearby in the depth of the front. This positional war will continue until our offensive. I think, after all, at the cost of incredible efforts, we will hold Bakhmut until we start moving ourselves," concluded Svitan.

It will be recalled that the Ukrainian military discovered the positions of the Russian invaders in 


 and attacked them with the help of mines.

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