Mutilated roofs and broken power lines - bad weather has wreaked havoc in the village of Petrashivka in Bukovina.

At first, there was a downpour with hail, and then a storm suddenly struck, TSN reports. 

Local residents filmed the roof of a neighbor's house flying in the sky.

The roof of the house here was completely torn off, only fragments and pieces of mutilated slate remind of it.

The owner of the house comforts herself only by the fact that she remained alive, because at the moment when the storm raged, she was not here.

The wind was so strong that the roof was scattered several tens of meters across the neighboring yards.

Now the family covered the roof with a film as best they could, because the rain continues to pour. 

"The neighbors all helped me.

I couldn't go into my house, everything was flowing there, everything.

Everything was in chips, slate from the barn, there was horror here.

What should I do?

What should I do?", says Marianna Zhar.

The villagers say that the bad weather started suddenly and lasted only a few minutes.

First there was a heavy downpour and hail, and then the wind began to blow with such force that the slate rustled like sheets of paper.

"I have never seen this before, only on TV.

I'm sitting in the yard and I see some oil slicks and paper flying and I think what is this?

And I see a tornado.

It's so black, it spins and in two seconds - there's no roof," says the eyewitness. 

In total, 19 roofs were damaged in Petrashivka.

Fences, several windows and doors were also worn out.

Broken power lines - they have already repaired and restored the power supply.

The commission has already drawn up reports on the scale of the destruction.

"We will submit it to Chernivtsi, to the regional military administration.

Let's see what will happen from the regional budget, from the state and local budget", - says the head of the community Vasyl Skrypkaru. 

The affected families hope that the authorities will help them as soon as possible, because forecasters predict that the rains here will continue.

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