Public transportation has been relaxed from now on, and it is not mandatory to wear masks. Only a few people take off their masks.

(Photo by reporter Lai Xiaotong)

[Reporter Lai Xiaotong/New Taipei Report] The mask order has been loosened again. Starting today, public transportation will no longer require masks to be worn. The reporter went to Banqiao bus station and MRT station to observe on the spot. Most people still wear masks tightly, and only a few people wear masks. Take off the mask.

Most people said that they have formed a habit, but they are not used to life without masks.

The local epidemic of Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) has slowed down. Since April 17, the Central Epidemic Command Center has opened public transportation without masks. Nursing institutions and ambulances, but if there are exceptions such as eating, taking pictures, inspections, treatment, activities, etc., they can temporarily not wear masks, and people in other places can wear masks independently.

Grandpa Liu, who took the bus, said that he is getting older, and his resistance and immunity are not as good as those of young people. It is safer to wear a mask, which can also prevent colds and air pollution.

Ms. Hong, an office worker, said that she is used to wearing a mask on a daily basis. Public transportation is a confined space, and there are crowds of people during rush hour.

Mr. Xu, who took off the mask, said that after being bored for a long time, he could finally breathe fresh air. However, most people at the station still wear masks, and it feels strange that he is the only one who doesn't wear them.

The New Taipei City Transportation Bureau stated that according to the announcement of the Central Epidemic Command Center on April 7, public transportation will adjust the mask-wearing regulations to recommend wearing masks from April 17. Although the mask policy has been relaxed, it is still recommended that passengers take public transportation. Wear a mask, implement epidemic prevention measures independently, protect yourself and others.

The Bureau of Transportation said that it will continue to urge bus operators to maintain anti-epidemic cleaning measures at stations and vehicles, and provide disinfectant alcohol on board to maintain hygiene and safety on board.

Public transportation is no longer mandatory to wear masks, and most people at Banqiao bus station still wear masks well and fully.

(Photo by reporter Lai Xiaotong)

Public transportation has no longer required wearing masks since April 17, but most people at MRT stations still wear their masks tightly.

(Photo by reporter Lai Xiaotong)

Masks are not mandatory for public transport from now on, and most people, including bus drivers, still wear masks.

(Provided by the Transportation Bureau)