From Wednesday the day after tomorrow, the western half will change to rainy weather, and the long-dry central and southern regions will usher in long-lost partial heavy rain on Thursday.

(taken from Central Weather Bureau)

[Reporter Chen Xinyu/Taipei Report] The weather today (17th) and tomorrow will be as hot and hot as summer. The highest temperature in Taiwan today is 37.1 degrees in Neimen, Kaohsiung City. Tomorrow there will even be thunderstorms in the central and southern parts of the country, just like summer weather patterns.

From Wednesday the day after tomorrow, the western half will change to rain, and there will be showers or thunderstorms. The end of the drought still needs to look forward to the relatively continuous rainy season in May, and the rainfall in Taiwan has slowed down since Friday.

Chen Yixiu, a forecaster from the Central Meteorological Bureau, said that a front is currently being established, and it is expected to move into Taiwan from Wednesday and bring a wave of spring rain.

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Tomorrow, the western half of the day will be cloudy to sunny and hot and hot. Tainan and Kaohsiung may experience high temperatures above 36 degrees. The central and southern regions and the northern mountainous areas will experience short showers in the afternoon like summer, but they will be sporadic. Yihua East Hengchun Peninsula There are some brief rains.

On Wednesday, the daytime will change, and the western half of the area will turn into short-term showers or thunderstorms. There is a chance of local heavy rain in the mountainous area, while the eastern half of the area will be cloudy, and there will be local short-term thunderstorms in the eastern half of the mountainous area in the afternoon .

Thursday is the Grain Rain of 24 solar terms, and that day may be the most severe day of this wave of spring rain.

On Thursday and Friday, the front will gradually pass through, and there will be rain throughout Taiwan, especially showers or thunderstorms in the western half and Yilan area. The long-lost rain, the rain slowed down a little on Friday, and gaps in the rain began to appear.

On Saturday, only the northern, eastern half and south-central mountainous regions had local short-term rain, and the south-central region was cloudy.

Next Sunday, the weather in Taiwan will return to cloudy to sunny weather, and there will be local short showers in the mountainous areas in the afternoon.

Another front is approaching next Monday, with localized brief showers in the northern and eastern half, and cloudy other areas, but uncertainty remains.

In addition, there will be localized fog or low clouds in areas north of central China, Kinmen, and Matsu tomorrow, which will affect visibility. On Wednesday, there is a chance of foehn in Taitung.

Tomorrow will still be warm and hot like summer, but the front is approaching on Wednesday, and the western half will turn to short showers or thunderstorms, which will feel less hot.

The picture shows the temperature trend for the coming week.

(taken from Central Weather Bureau)

The weather is hot and hot. The Bureau of Meteorology reminds Tainan City, Kaohsiung City and near mountainous areas or river valleys to have orange lights before noon on Tuesday. There is a possibility of continuous high temperature of 36 degrees. Please pay more attention; Pingtung County near mountainous areas or river valleys are yellow lights.

(taken from Central Weather Bureau)